We are Pim and Renee, two people who have moved from our homeland the Netherlands to follow our dream and live in the forests of Sweden. We live together with our three cats and two tortoises in a typical red Swedish house on the countryside. We always liked creating, so why not make a business of it?

Our love for the nature and outdoors brought us to Sweden. It has also brought us our passion for helping the environment and our vision for a sustainable future. We act on this passion by trying to do as much as we can to reduce our footprint on this earth. This is why we are both vegans, conscious about the clothes and products we buy and try to create as little waste as possible. Although we love where we currently are, we are not afraid to dream and have been dreaming a lot in the last period. We want to do our part in changing the world for the better, and think we have found
our way to do that.



I am a thinker, always looking at the future and thinking about the steps to take to achieve the best future possible. For ourselves but also for the world. 

I studied Industrial Engineering and Manegement in Groningen, the Netherlands. There I learned that I have a huge interest in sustainability and the future of the planet (and universe). I work at a big international company in Varnamo, Sweden, where I am the Corporate Social Responsibility Developer. That’s right up my alley! 

My dream for the future is to create products that I love and that inspire creating beautiful things, and in my free time have time to enjoy the forests, lakes and outdoor life here in Fryele.  


I am a dreamer, always looking for the best in people, ideas and situations, and trying to make it even better. 

I studied Industrial Design Engineering in Enschede, the Netherlands. I quickly found that my passion lies with furniture and interior design. That’s why I now focus on designing in wood. I work at an international company in Hillerstorp, Sweden as a Design Engineer. 

My dream for the future is to be able to spend all my time doing the things that I love: designing, woodworking, being outdoors with our pets and just enjoying life to the fullest!

Let’s start something new!