Build/Do It Yourself

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we are working on our first products, please come back in a few weeks to see what we’ve done!

The best way to reduce your footprint on this earth is by making stuff yourself. Products will not need transportation, there will be no underpaid labour and you can reuse and recycle materials. We understand that this is not for everyone, and that not everyone is capable of doing this. That is why we want to help you a little. 

We have designed some products that are easy to make with limited tools and space. You can either buy a complete guide to build the product, or get all the ingredients delivered to you as a kickstart. It’s not only good for the earth, it’s also fun and rewarding!

Do It Yourself

You can buy digital files with all the information you need to build this product.

The information package will include detailed drawings, a shopping list, in case of fabrics there will be patterns, and precise instructions for making everything and putting it together.

Depending on the product you will need some skills and tools. The tools you need will be mentioned on the product page. If you don’t have these skills or tools, please consider looking at the ‘Build it yourself’ section.


Build It Yourself

We will send you everything you need to build your own product. The wood will already have the right dimensions and connection points, but still needs sanding and finishing. In case of fabric, we will send you a large enough piece and the patterns to make it right. 

It will also include precise building instructions, drawings and everything else you need to put it together (including fasteners etc.) Perfect for the handy person that does not have the tools or time to do everything themselves. 

All products on this page can be bought as a ‘Do it yourself’ or a ‘Build it yourself”. To order, send an email or fill in the contact form below. Please make sure to add the article number and say which package you would like to receive. The ‘Do it yourself’ is all digital, so almost no waiting time there. For the ‘Build it yourself’ we make the package to order. Depending on our schedule it might take some time before it gets to you. If you want to be sure, please contact us beforehand. 

Let’s start something new!