Graphic Design

Both of us don’t have any graphic design or website building education. But we’ve made our own website and enjoy helping other with it. So if you don’t have a very big budget and could use some help, we have some experience and would like to help you!


Do you think your company could benefit from a graphic refreshment? We can update your logo, website, business cards or anything graphic. We can also help with posters, flyers and other advertisement.


Start up

Are you starting a new company but could use some help with the graphic part of it? Or are you already an established company but feel like you could be more visible? We can help you out! We can create your logo, website, business card, anything you need.

If you are interested, please contact us. We can book a meeting (real life or skype) and talk about the possibilities. In the first meeting we will decide the way forward and the size of the project. For the different kinds of pricing, please look further down this page.


Website, logo and business cards for the company Humus HR.

Flyer, logo and website for the company Testudo Design.


Hourly rate

If this works best for you, it works best for us! The hourly rate differs for each task and is as following:
Research and define: 350 SEK
Design and development: 450 SEK

Project based

The price will be determined at the start of the project. The price of course depends on size and nature of it.


Result based

For projects we really believe in and want to be a part of, we sometimes do result based payment. This means we will get a percentage of the profit when the product is out on the market and we don’t get regular payment.

Let’s start something new!