Other projects

We love to do other stuff as well!

Private project

Do you have a fun project in mind but need some help with the execution? We can help you out! We can design custom furniture for your home, so that it always fits perfectly, We can also advice on colors, textures and materials for creating your best home.



Business project

We offer design skills and small production possibilities to companies. We mostly design in wood but also have experience in plastics and metal. We can handle everything from research and the first concepts to production files. Production can be done in small batches and with limited tools.

If you are interested, please contact us. We can book a meeting and talk about the possibilities. In the first meeting we will decide the way forward and the size of the project. For the different kinds of pricing, please look further down this page.


Kitchen makeover for Ab en Janny

Modular cabinet for ourselves

Wine rack for Kirsten


Hourly rate

If this works best for you, it works best for us! The hourly rate differs for each task and is as following:
Research and define: 450 SEK
Design and development: 550 SEK

Project based

The price will be determined at the start of the project. The price of course depends on size and nature of it.


Result based

(For business only) For projects we really believe in and want to be a part of, we sometimes do result based payment. This means we will get a percentage of the profit when the product is out on the market and we don’t get regular payment.

Let’s start something new!