Coming soon..

we are working on our first products, please come back in a few weeks to see what we’ve done!

All of the products on this page are made by us, with love and precision. Custom sizes are possible. The products are made after ordering, so depending on our schedule it might take some time to get to you. If you want to be sure, just contact us 🙂

Ordering is done by sending us an email or filling in the contact form at the bottom of the page. Please be sure to mention the article number and any special request/sizes you want. We can deliver in a radius of 200km from Fryele. There is different price zones for delivery.
<20km is free delivery
20-50km is 100 SEK
50-100km is 180 SEK
100-150km is 270 SEK
150-200km is 360 SEK

Of course you can always come and get the product yourself at our company location. In the future we will offer shipping to a wider spread. 

Let’s start something new!